The format again will be matchplay. The key is to win each hole and once a hole is conceded, players can pick up their ball. More details below. 
Ryder Cup format and terminology

Four-ball - Two teams of two golfers competing in a best-ball format. Each golfer plays his own ball and the best score of the two counts for the team.

Halved - A hole is halved when players or teams finish the hole with the same score. A match is halved when the players or teams finish 18 holes tied. If a match is halved each team is awarded 1/2 a point.

Concedes - A player or team concedes a shot when they do not make their opponent or opponents finish out the hole.

Dormie - A match is dormie when one player has to win the remaining holes just to earn a tie. For example, If Player A is leading Player B 4-up after 14 holes, Player B must win holes 15-18 outright just to earn 1/2 point for his team.

All square - Means that the match is tied.

1-up - A player or team that wins by 1-up has won 1 more hole than the opponent after 18 holes and earms 1 point. 2 and 1 / 3 and 2 / 4 and 3 / 5 and 4 - if one team has more holes won than there are holes left to play, that team wins and earns 1 point.

USA as the reigning champions need a tie to retain.

Below is a summary explanation of the handicaps and scoring for this Outing as follows

Handicaps: Every player will be assigned a handicap. Each match will involve 2 Euros versus 2 Americans. The lowest handicapped individual will have zero shots and the other three will receive 3/4 of the difference between their handicaps and that of the lowest player. For example Player A and B for Europe have handicaps of 10 and 16 and the American players C and D have handicaps of 14 and 20. Player A gets zero shots, player B gets 3/4 of 6 = 4.5 which is rounded to 5 (0.5 and up is rounded up and less than 0.5 is rounded down), player D gets 3 and player D gets 7.5 rounded to 8.

​ Shots: The shots are received on the lowest indexed holes. From the previous example if hole 12 has an index of 7 and all players score a 5 then the Americans win the hole as player D is the only player with a shot on that hole. 

​ All in cost will be $80 which includes green fees, swag, transport, beers, prizes, post party at The Kerryman. Please be sure to bring the fee IN CASH on the morning so that we can manage payments.

There will be a MVP prize for 1 member of each team, to be selected on the day based on overall contribution.

​ We will also present the Matchplay trophy and prize money in the Kerryman afterwards.

European team didn't turn in roster in time!

USA Roster below:

1 Dave Baudek 4.3
2 Paul Hiller 4.4
3 Will Caton 4.8
4 Dan Lynch Jr 5.2
5 Jonathan Stasiek 6.9
6 Strike 7.4
7 Andrew Bogren 8.1
8 Clayton Curtis 8.6
9 Brendan Lynch 10
10 JT Kaufman 10.5
11 Jeff Puro 11
12 Chris Gibson 11.6
13 Show Moss 11.9
14 Dave Dewitt 12.9
15 Pete Leadstrom 13.7
16 Kevin O'Hara 14.2
17 Mark Stenberg 16
18 Stephan Barr 19.9
19 Tom Noonan 20.1
20 Ted Needham 21.8
21 Ryan Louvar 22.2
22 Leon Tran 24
23 Kevin Aristide 24.6
24 Chris Bryant 26
25 Deppeler 30.8
26 Andrew Sullivan 31.3